What does it mean to Magnetize™?

The naive reader may come across a phrase like Power Up and Magnetize™ and believe it is a meaningless collection of words excreted by a lizard-person marketing specialist whose humanskin is starting to slip.

This belief would be WRONG1. The term comes from the science and philosophy of electromagnets.

Note: Make sure you read my previous post about the meaning of Powering Up before continuing.

Electromagnets are coils of wire that come alive when fed an electric current. Powered-up electromagnets stop being the passive recipients of action and instead become subjects and verbs, able to influence the world around them.

The two-fold duality of Powering Up on the one hand, and Magnetizing on the other, describe a virtuous cycle of learning and action. Having only one or the other is like having a tool without a handle.

Together, they form a powerful thought technology that gives you everything you need to wake up and take control of your life. In time you will be like a Judo2 master magnet, redirecting even the energy meant to harm you and using it to your own advantage.

To Magnetize is to turn knowledge into action.

Andrew Reeves is an entrepreneur, touring musician, and practitioner of eleven martial arts. He reached financial independence at age 28 and has dedicated his retirement to fighting crime and helping others.


  • 1

    It turns out the majority of the lizard people work in politics, not advertising.

  • 2

    Or tai chi.

Do you have a thought technology that's changed your life? Have you ever turned insight into action? How do magnets even work?


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