This website is the personal finance blog of Andrew Reeves, a person who probably does not exist1.

Certain details2 of the stories shared on this site by Andrew Reeves and others who may guest post are sometimes altered, made up, or withheld in order to assist you, the reader, in your personal journey to financial freedom.

So, you know, keep that in mind.

Why a fictional perspective?

This blog was created by people who greatly believe in the power of narratives and storytelling. Just because a story is not true does not mean it isn't true.

From Aesop's Fables and Grimm's Fairy Tales to the koans of zen Buddhism and the parables taught by Jesus in the Christian bible, stories are a time-honored way to pass on knowledge.

Bruce Lee on pointing the way towards truth.

The format allows for creativity and fun in a way that we hope is empowering without being misleading. Lifestyle and financial advice blogs are always a mixture of subjective reality and deliberate posturing. We hope to provide a similar mix, heavy on the reality and with a clear desire for our posts to point toward the truth.

What can I trust?

Trust the heart of the story. Andrew Reeves may not exist, but he is written by people who want to genuinely communicate financial ideas and concepts. It should be extremely clear when the story moves into territory that should not be directly applied to your own life. If it is not clear, then we have done something wrong.

I want you to feel what I felt. I want you to know why story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth.

The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien

Reviews are genuine

Every blog that uses affiliate links operates in a gray space of moral hazard. Most finance bloggers are genuinely good people trying to balance their desire for their blog to be an income stream and their desire to view themselves as honest, perceptive, and trustworthy.

The writers behind Andrew Reeves struggle with the same issues, and we do our best to make sure his affiliate posts meet the following standards:

  • endorsements are genuine (i.e., if we don't like it, he doesn't either; if we do like it, then he does too)
  • known issues, problems, and caveats are disclosed
  • affiliate relationships are disclosed
  • facts related to the product or offer (APR, membership fees, etc.) are reported accurately
  • the "story" of how Andrew Reeves interacts with the product is illuminating and captures meaningful information about the experience

Help us do better

Please reach out to us if you have any ideas on how we can improve things.


  • 1

    "I totally do exist!" — Andrew Reeves, Fictional Character

  • 2

    Such as

    • times
    • dates
    • dollar amounts
    • locations
    • people involved
    • people not involved
    • implied outcomes
    • specified outcomes
    • names
    • nicknames
    • genders
    • species
    • language
    • hair color
    • height
    • pets
    • religious convictions

    and other items large, small, medium, and/or imaginary.