Build your memory mansion

My first small business, if you do not count my band, was when I set up shop as a freelance courier. It is an interesting field. There are not many rules beyond ensuring private information stays private as it goes from point A to B1.

Classified documents, trade secrets, business plans, new technologies too lucrative to patent. You name it, I was contracted to transported it. My employers were seldom nice people, but they paid well.

I am no longer a courier, but I always carry with me a few absolutely priceless possessions:

  • mom's homemade pecan pie
  • battle of the bands, 1991
  • my first time on a surfboard
  • afternoons at the lake house

Memories so precious, no amount of money can buy them.

My investment income covers my needs, my wants, and my whims. I will never have to work again in my life. But if I lost it all tomorrow2, I would still be one of the richest men in the world. My memories are a mansion in my mind, worth more than my stock portfolio and guaranteed increase in value over time.

They are the best investments I ever made.

People in suits3 have handed me documents worth more than the GDP of most South American countries. Other people in suits have paid dangerous people to try and get those documents from me. It all seemed important and exciting at the time, but I guess I have grown up since then.

Thanks mom. Thanks dad. Bill. Helen4. Bodhi. Chas. Annie. Thank you all for making me rich beyond my wildest dreams.

True wealth comes from cultivating experiences, friendships, and love, not managing your net worth.

Andrew Reeves is an entrepreneur, touring musician, and practitioner of eleven martial arts. He reached financial independence at age 28 and has dedicated his retirement to fighting crime and helping others.


  • 1

    When I violated this rule and made something public that needed to get out, it ended my career.

    I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sometimes rules need to be broken.

  • 2

    I won't. Thanks, diversification!

  • 3

    Quite possibly lizard people.

  • 4

    Both my custom black-and-red Steinberger guitar, and the woman I named her after. Thank you both.

What is the median GDP of a South American country? What is the most precious cargo you've ever carried with you on a trip? Would you trade your memories for money?


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